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ACT Learning Guide

So you attended an introductory ACT training and are wondering....what should I do know?
Consider some of these suggestions.


Local chapters of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS).

The ACBS Chapter of New England currently runs a two-part ACT training from 6:30pm-8:30pm on the first Monday of every month in Belmont, MA.
The Portland ACT Peer Consultation Group meets the third Friday of each month in Portland, ME.
Interested in having your organization host an ACT training for your staff? Contact us to disuss options.
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ACBS is now offering Values-Based Dues to make membership more affordableRead more about this...
Books on ACT

More Books on ACT

To join the ACT in New England e-newsletter list and receive email notification of ACT trainings in the area, please send your contact info to joel@whitepinepsych.com

Are you offering an ACT training in New England? Do you know of an ACT training that is not already listed here? Our goal is to disseminate information and training to individuals interested in learning ACT.  We will be glad to post your information here.   Please contact us to arrange your listing here.

Great Online Resources


Upcoming ACT Trainings in New England


ACBS New England
Chapter Meetings and Lecture Series

Belmont, MA (More info, Calendar, Email)

First Monday evenings.


ACT Study Groups

  • Led by Joel Guarna, PhD
Portland, ME (More info)

First Mondays. The study group will meet on the first Monday of each month @ 8 am.

Third Mondays. A second study group will meet on the third Monday of each month @ 8 am. Learn more.


ACT Peer Consultation Group

Portland, ME (More info)

Third Fridays. The Southern Maine ACT Peer Consultation Group will meet on the third Friday of each month @ 8 am.


ACT Made Easy
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Personality Disorders Seminar

  • Led by DJ Moran, PhD

June 6
June 7
June 8

Portland, ME (Info & Registration)
Manchester, NH (Info & Registration)
Burlington, VT (Info & Registration)

Cultivating the Fluid and Flexible Use of ACT in Clinical Practice: A 2-Day Advanced Skills Building Workshop

  • Led by John Forsyth, PhD

June 23-24

Albany, NY (Info & Registration)


New Directions in ACT
Living the Good Life in a Stressed-Out World

  • Led by Kelly Wilson, PhD

July 18-22

Cape Cod, MA (Info & Registration)


ACT for Anxiety Relief
A 5-Day Professional Training Workshop

  • Led by John Forsyth, PhD

Sept 18-23

Rhinebeck, NY (Info & Registration)

Full listing of ACT trainings across the US and worldwide

If you are presenting an ACT workshop in or around New England* (or know about one that is not listed), please contact us to have your training listed here.


* In the interests of keeping this site uncluttered and true to its stated purpose of listing workshops accessible to those of us living in New England, only ACT workshops in the New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) and in a narrow band of surrounding areas will be listed here. The number and variety of ACT trainings in surrounding areas (e.g., Canada, NYC) preclude listing most of those trainings here.

Email:  joel@whitepinepsych.com
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Dr. Guarna's Practice Site:  White Pine Behavioral Health LLC